About Atmosphere Creative




Whether you’re a business owner looking to showcase your brand on your walls, or a homeowner looking to update your kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank, you shouldn’t have to choose between your vision, your budget, or the quality of the products.

“You deserve a space that fits the dream you have, is durable enough to be used, and doesn’t leave you broke.”

But how do you get all that?

The answer might surprise you. All you need to do is resurface your walls, countertops, and even some furniture with high quality vinyl films from Atmosphere Creative.But this isn’t a new technology. While new to many in the U.S., this technology has been a staple in creating functional, beautiful spaces abroad, like Europe and Japan.

Now, you too can experience the beauty and functionality of these innovative films, and join a community of satisfied clients who’ve transformed their spaces into masterpieces of sustainable modern elegance.

Who We Are

Every project is an opportunity to merge tradition with modernity in an impactful way without creating excessive waste, wasting time, or spending a ton of money.
We provide a cost-effective, efficient alternative to traditional remodeling that reduces waste by reusing existing structures, resurfacing them to reflect the designs and dreams of our clients.
We’re redefining the renovation experience one project at a time.

“We’re not just contractors; we’re problem solvers. Every project is a chance to learn something new and push the envelope on what’s possible with our materials.”

More About Us

  • Every installation is overseen by one of our 3M Certified installers.
  • We carefully monitor all the materials we use to ensure they meet or exceed the standards we’d want to see on our own projects.
  • While DI-NOC Architectural films are the most common, we also install other brands of films based on our clients needs.